About Me

Born and raised in the suburbs of Georgia, I began acting after realizing how horrific I was at sports. While all the other kids would play dodgeball and flag football during recess, I would entertain my best friend Rashiid Hinson with my impressions of Chris Rock and Goofy and various teachers and celebrities.

I spent my teenage years performing in musicals in high school (not getting laid) and was picked on mercilessly by boys with more athletic prowess than myself.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Television and Film Media Studies from California State University, Los Angeles. While contemplating further graduate work in television and film, I decided to pursue a more solid and stable career and decided to become an actor. In fact, after one of my first auditions, the casting director said “um what are you doing?” and I was pushed unceremoniously into the gutter.

I have since studied with Killian McHugh of Killian’s Commercial Workshop, Amy Lyndon of The Lyndon Technique, and with Robert Carnegie at Playhouse West in Los Angeles.

Today, I am a working actor/comedian. As an entertainer, I am bi-coastal, which means I enjoy having sex on both the east and west coast. I invite you to contact me if you would like me to perform at your College’s Freshmen Orientation Week or need a wholesome jock, sweet boyfriend, conscious thug or sarcastic best friend type for your web series.